The world’s leading KYC-compliant, institutional-grade liquid staking solution, built for Ethereum. Financial institutions now have easy-access to liquidity, while staking funds on the world’s largest proof-of-stake blockchain.

Defistake provides a simple on-ramp to liquid staking. It is now possible for an institution to maximize financial returns while aiding Ethereum’s decentralization.
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What is Liquid Staking?

Liquid staking is an alternative to locking up a user's stake: it allows for users to stake any amount of Avalanche and to effectively unstake their AVAX without the requirement of transactions being enabled.
Liquid staking frees staked AVAX from lockup periods.

Collectively, the global network of AVAX holders are responsible for the network’s security. This security is maintained by staking. By staking tokens, Ethereum’s liquidity flows to trusted validators, the guardians of Avalanche decentralization. However staking has a major problem; staked AVAX is locked-up and can’t be used in any promising Avalanche web3 projects.

Unlock Institutional Liquidity

Liquidity powers Ethereum’s decentralized economy. Defistake provides a safe port for your AVAX tokens. We allow any institution to securely store and stake AVAX assets in an insured, audited and yield-generating smart contract.

Stake & Earn Yield Simultaneously

With institutional liquid staking you receive a receipt token to represent your staked ETH. This token can then be used across DeFi and more, allowing institutions to earn yield while earning staking rewards.

Instant Withdrawal Enabled

All rewards are safely stored and secured by trusted custodians. Liquid funds can also be withdrawn instantly, skipping any exit queues.

Total Compliance

Defistake ensures that all DeFi counterparties are whitelisted. This guarantees that robust KYC & AML processes are strictly observed. Our strong compliance focus opens new, untapped opportunities for DeFi.

100% slashing insurance

Staked assets are 100% protected by Defistake’s pioneering slashing insurance guarantee. This shields customers’ funds from any risk of slashing.