About Defistake

The bridge to institutional crypto asset investment

Our vision is becoming the trusted and preferred crypto asset service partner to institutional investors

At first glance, investing in crypto assets may appear daunting, complex and requiring technical, legal and financial knowhow. Getting exposure necessitates orchestrating multiple and fragmented services.

Defistake changes that, giving institutional investors efficient crypto asset staking, secure crypto custody and intelligent crypto asset trading. Our global client base commits us to help educate the future market participants.

Defistake offers a secure and compliant Avalanche staking product ready for institutional investors, who are gradually adopting crypto assets, while minimising risk and monitoring regulatory uncertainty, but believes in crypto as a new asset class.

We Know Nodes.

At Defistake, we empower businesses to quickly deploy and iterate innovative blockchain applications. We aim to reduce the complexity of working with blockchains through quick and easy configuration, monitoring for high availability and quality of service with enterprise-grade security.

Defistake Democratizes Node Operations

We run in the background connecting it all, and empowering customers to build their vision. We believe that a decentralized & global financial future will usher in a healthy future for all of us. All stakeholders will participate in securing these new networks via nodes.

Defistake connects businesses and blockchains.

The idea for Defistake originated from our founder Konstantin’s experience running nodes in 2020, and the realization that doing so was very difficult with the existing infrastructure at the time—none of the conventional cloud-formation tools available in the market could cater to blockchain. This idea grew into what is now the Defistake platform. Defistake offers node operations and infrastructure tooling for blockchain projects, across their life-cycle: early on it is testing, then staking/reporting, clusters for exchanges/custodians and finally APIs for developers. Defistake’s node management platform helps auto-scale blockchain networks securely with enhanced monitoring, back-up systems, HA clusters, APIs and cloud-managed node monitoring of on-premises solutions.

Connectivity, Caring and Excellence at Defistake

Defistake is a fully decentralized and distributed team spanning the globe. Our team of world class blockchain infrastructure specialists offers a flexible and fun culture around solving some of the hardest challenges for blockchain networks and our customers who interact with them for their critical business needs. We believe in open and transparent communication where challenging ideas are met with diversity of thought and perspective. We maintain blockchain infrastructure across 40+ networks while constantly seeking innovative ways to add value to the industry as a whole and believe in empowering each team member with the tools and freedom to affect change within or organization and for the businesses we support.